Ode to Aiken

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Ode to Aiken 

A Poem by Debbie Roland


It’s not just the horses or the streets still of dirt

It’s not merely courses, fine dining, desserts 

It’s not only sunshine and brilliant blue skies

It’s not solely scenery or art you pass by


It's the great beauty of oak-lined parkways

It’s the fragrance of blooms that you smell every day

It’s facades of quaint storefronts lining downtown

It’s the shoulders you bump that are often renown


It’s great conversation from all o’er the world

It’s history you hear that is slowly unfurled

It’s the smiles you see showing happiness here

It’s the way it beguiles and also endears


It’s the fact that it’s so much more than location

It’s even quite firmly surpassed “just vacation”

It’s close to the mountains and also the beach

It’s fabulous destinations in reach


It’s a place where careers grow and business is done

It’s a workplace environment second to none

It’s where meetings are held under shade of a tree

It’s connecting with others while sipping sweet tea


It’s enjoying a sport steeped in tradition

It’s the joy of pursuit under any condition

It’s coming to spend a short time to play

It’s finding you’ve made the decision to stay


It’s residents born here and others transplanted

It’s a town that is loved and not taken for granted

It’s where we find home, family and pleasure

It’s richness of life that cannot be measured!